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Q: If i shaded about 18 of rectangles that are different sizes are the shaded parts still the same amount?
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How do you find the area of the shaded region in a rectangle?

You will need to divide the shaded area into smaller parts, such as triangles or rectangles, or find the length of sides of these polygons.

How do you use rectangular models for multiplying fractions?

Draw as many rectangles as the whole number you are multiplying by. Then, draw the fraction you are multiplying by in all of the rectangles. Shade in the top number in the fraction [numerator] in your rectangles. Count all the shaded in parts of all your rectangles. Leave the bottom number of your fraction [denominator] the same and put the number you got when you added the shaded parts of the rectangles on top as your denominator of the fraction. That is your answer!

When you are shading in a fraction is the fraction represented by the shaded parts or the non shaded parts?

The shaded parts

What is the percent shaded of a rectangle split in four parts and three of the four parts are shaded?

75% shaded; 25% unshaded

What percent is shaded if 35 out of 100 parts are shaded?


What is the formula to find the area of the shaded and non shaded part in the rectangle?

It depends on what the shaded and non-shaded parts look like!

How do you write the number of shaded parts and the fraction of the whole that is shaded?

Count how many parts there are in total (both shaded and unshaded) and write this as the denominator (bottom number) of the fraction. Count how many shaded parts there are and write this as the numerator (top number) of the fraction. You now have the fraction of the whole that is shaded.

If one fifth of a region is not shaded what part is shaded?

If one fifth of a region is not shaded then 4 fifths of the region is shaded. Fifths means there are five parts.

What is the fraction shaded when you have eight parts and only three and a half are shaded?

4 and a half

What fraction and mixed number can you write for the shaded parts of the fiqures?

I suppose that would depend on being able to see the shaded parts of the figures.

How do you divide rectangle into 4 equal parts in 5 different ways?

In complete sentnces, explain why you can cut the rectangles into different shapes and still have four equal parts.

How many rectangles are in a rectangle divided equally in 5 parts?

There are 15 rectangles.