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Q: If you couldn't talk for two weeks how would you communicate?
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What is the history of island of curacao?

well its that they couldnt read or talk

Why did people create?

Because if there were no words we would not be able to talk or communicate.

Why did people create words?

Because if there were no words we would not be able to talk or communicate.

What means to communicate?

communicate means like talk someone from phone or computer and talk to them

How do you communicate using social networking?

You type to talk to communicate

Can your hamsters talk to each others?

They do 'talk' but they do communicate.

How do you communicate with teens?

Talk to them.

Can a whale talk?

No. If a whale could talk that would be as weird as my sister. _______________________________________________________________________ Whales have been known to communicate great distances under water. Scientists are still trying to decipher what the sounds they make represent. _______________________________________________________________________ No. Whales can't talk in human language but can talk or communicate communicate great distances under water through high frequency sound waves just like dolphins.

Do How clocks communicate?

They Tick-Talk

When should we talk?

People should talk when they need to communicate.

How did the people in the 1770's communicate?

they wrote letters to each other. And they would talk to each other.

How do elephhants talk?

they communicate with their tails