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Q: If you create and plant rows that are perpendicular to the slope of fields instead of up and down slopes to prevent erosion you are?
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What is the importance of forests man kind?

They create oxygen which we need to live and prevent erosion.

How does building dams help us to prevent erosion?

Building dams helps prevent erosion by regulating the flow of water in rivers, reducing the speed and volume of water that can cause erosion downstream. Dams also help to stabilize river channels and can create reservoirs that store sediments and reduce erosion. Additionally, controlled release of water from dams can prevent flooding events that can worsen erosion.

How do shelter belts prevent soil erosion?

It protects soil mainly from wind erosion, shelterbelts are lines of trees to create turbulence lifting incoming wind from going to the surface of soil.

How can afforestation prevent flooding?

Afforestation is the opposite of deforestation. It can create habitats for wildlife and it stabilises the ground to prevent surface run prevents soil erosion and the fields do not get barren and infertile.

What would be the best thing to do in order to prevent erosion on a bare hill?

Planting vegetation such as grass or shrubs can help prevent erosion on a bare hill by creating root systems that stabilize the soil. Additionally, installing erosion control measures like retaining walls or terracing can help slow down water flow and prevent soil from washing away. Regular maintenance and monitoring of erosion-prone areas is also essential in preventing erosion.

What are three methods to prevent erosion?

Plant vegetation like grass or trees to create root systems that hold soil in place. Build retaining walls or terraces to help stabilize slopes and prevent soil from sliding. Implement proper drainage systems to divert water away from vulnerable areas and prevent water-induced erosion.

What can we do to help prevent soil erosion?

To help prevent soil erosion, you can plant cover crops, use mulch, create terraces or contour plowing on slopes, and avoid over-tilling the soil. Additionally, planting trees and shrubs can help hold the soil in place with their root systems.

How do mangroves prevent erosion?

Mangroves have dense root systems that anchor the soil and reduce the impact of waves and currents, helping to prevent erosion along coastlines. Their root systems also trap sediment and create barriers that slow down the movement of water, further reducing erosion. Mangrove forests act as natural coastal defenses that protect shorelines from erosion caused by tides, waves, and storms.

Is there any erosion on the river Thames?

All rivers create erosion but the Thames does not have significant problems of erosion.

Does a recTANGLE have a pair of perpendicular sides?

A rectangle is formed by perpendicular lines that create four 90 degree angles.

What is the different of a perpendicular lines and intersecting lines?

The only difference between perpendicular lines and intersecting lines is that perpendicular lines create a right angle at the point of intersection.

Can you show me a example of a perpendicular question?

When straight lines are perpendicular to each other they create right angles of 90 degrees