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Q: In addition to moving the graph of a function around the Cartesian coordinate system you can also change the graph's?
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In addition to moving the graph of a function around the Cartesian coordinate system what can you also change on the graph?


In addition to moving the graph of a function around the Cartesian coordinate system you can also change the graphs?

Answer: Shape Source: Apex Algebra 2 Course

What are some stuff named after Rene Descartes?

Some things named after RenΓ© Descartes include the Cartesian coordinate system used in mathematics, the Descartes' rule of signs in algebra, and the Cartesian diver in physics. Additionally, there are numerous schools, streets, and institutions around the world named after him.

How was the Cartesian Coordinate Plane discovered?

Apparently, Decarte (the guy who discovered it) was lazy, and decided to just lay in bed when he woke up. He ended up watching a fly walk around his ceiling. He noticed its movement was in accordance with two axis, the x and y axis. He had a eureka moment, and got out of bed and started writing the Appendix on Geometry, his book about the coordinate plane.

What does rotate mean in maths?

A rotation turns a shape through an angle around a fixed point usually on the Cartesian plane

Can an angle be negative?

Visually it doesn't make sense for an angle to be negative. However we often measure angles off of some axis, such as the x-axis, and positive angles go around counter-clockwise, while negative angles go around clockwise. Outside of the context of a Cartesian Coordinate system (x-y plane), negative angles don't generally make sense.

What is the order pair in quadrant 1?

( 45, 67 ) The quadrants of a Cartesian plane are numbered starting in the top-right, and moving around the origin in a counter-clockwise fashion. This means that all of the coordinates in the first quadrant have a positive x value, and a positive y value. So, any pair of positive numbers will guarantee a coordinate in the first quadrant.

What is Rcos theta and Rsin Theta?

They are the projections, onto the x and y [Cartesian] axes, of a point whose polar coordinates are (R, theta). It's a common Trig way to express a point when a radius is rotated around a given angle. For example, where exactly would the edge of a two foot gate lie if the gate opened 30 degrees? R is two feet. Two times cosine 30 is the x coordinate and two times sine 30 is the y coordinate.

Are celestial bodies identified by a 3 axis coordinate XYZ just as terrestrial locations have Latitude and Longitude X and Y cordinates?

Not quite. Instead of being described in Cartesian coordinates such as X, Y, and Z, celestial objects are described in an angular coordinate system sometimes called "rho, theta". These are letters of the Greek alphabet often used to measure angles.We still use three coordinates representing the number of degrees around the ecliptic a celestial object is, and the number of degrees north or south of the ecliptic plane. The third coordinate is a distance. These are similar to the bearing, elevation and range coordinates that you might use in gunnery.

The first number in an ordered pair is always called the y-coordinate and the second number is always called the x-coordinate?

Other way around (X,Y)

What is the value of cosine at pi?

Looking at a unit circle, cosine is the horizontal coordinate. Pi radians is halfway around the circle (180°), so the coordinate is (-1,0). Cosine(pi) = -1

How do you find the perimeter of a rectangle drawn on a coordinate plane?

Count the squares around the rectangle... Simple as that!