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A rotation turns a shape through an angle at a fixed point thus changing its coordinates

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Q: In math how do rotations affect coordinates?
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What is the rule for turns in math?


Can rotations be done in different directions in math?

Rotations of functions can be done in all three dimensions or any combination of them.

What is the math term for the coordinates 00?

The origin.

How math is used in Jack in the box?

Math is used in the Jack in the box to calculate how many rotations of the handle cause the top to open.

What is the coordinates of a rectangle with a length of 5 units and a width of 2 units?

There is not enough information to provide an answer. You need to know the coordinates of three vertices before you can find the coordinates of the fourth. Otherwise, there are alternative solutions using translations, reflections and rotations.

How does translating a figure vertically affect the coordinates of its vertices?

how does translation a figure vertically affect the coordinates of its vertices

What is the math term of a representation of a location?

It is its coordinate or coordinates

Help in math rotations?

All these questions are so unspecific. Give us a problem and we will answer. Christ.

How do translations reflections and rotations affect the size and shape of an image?

None of these transformations affect the size nor shape of the image.

Which comes first x axis or the y axis in math?

It is the x coordinates followed by the y coordinates i.e (x, y)

What is the Point called whose coordinates are all zero?

In math, it is called the origin

What is the math definition for the word x-axis?

the principal or horizontal axis of a system of coordinates, points along which have a value of zero for all other coordinates.