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As 13 is prime and is not a factor of 24, then they are relatively prime

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Q: Is 13 and 24 relatively prime numbers?
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What is the relatively prime number of 13 and 24?

13 and 24 are relatively prime.

Are 24 and 49 relatively prime numbers?

Yes, they are relatively prime.

What are the relatively prime numbers of 24 and 35?


What does it mean to have a pair of relatively prime numbers?

Numbers whose GCF is 1, like 24 and 49, are known as relatively prime. This means that they have no prime factors in common.

What are the prime numbers from 12 to 24?

The prime numbers from 12 to 24 are 13, 17, 19, and 23.

What numbers are relatively prime?

Numbers having no common positive divisors other than one are relatively prime. In other words, the greatest common denominator of the numbers is one. Example: 24 and 25 are relatively prime.

What are two prime numbers between 13 and 24?

-17-19All of the numbers between 13 and 24:Note= The italic numbers are composite. The bold numbers are prime.14151617181920212223

What number is relatively prime?

In number theory, two integers a and b are said to be relatively prime, mutually prime, or coprime (also spelled co-prime) if the only positive integer that evenly divides both of them is 1. That is, the only common positive factor of the two numbers is 1.

Is 24 relatively prime with any numbers?

23 and 25 and many others.

Is 24 and 60 relatively prime numbers?

No. they both share a factor of 2.

Are 24 9 12 13 2431 composite numbers?

24, 9, 12, and 2431 are composite numbers. 13 is a prime.

Are 24 and 144 relatively prime?

No, they are not relatively prime.