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A complex number is denoted by Z=X+iY, where X is the real part and iY is the

imanginary part. So the number 4 would be 4+i0 and is the real part of a complex

number and so 4 by itself is just a real number, not complex.

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Q: Is 4 a complex number
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What is -4 in standard form as an complex number?


Is -4 a nonreal complex number?

No. Negative four is a real number. All real numbers are also complex numbers, so it is a complex number (but it's real, not nonreal)

What is -4-3i divided by 4 plus i?

To divide by a complex number, write it as a fraction and then multiply the numerator and denominator by the complex conjugate of the denominator - this is formed by changing the sign of the imaginary bit of the number; when a complex number (a + bi) is multiplied by its complex conjugate the result is the real number a² + b² which can be divided into the complex number of the numerator: (-4 - 3i) ÷ (4 + i) = (-4 - 3i)/(4 + i) = ( (-4 - 3i)×(4 - i) ) / ( (4 + i)×(4 - i) ) = (-16 + 4i - 12i + 3i²) / (4² + 1²) = (-16 - 8i - 3) / (16 + 1) = (-19 - 8i)/17

What is the absolute value of a complex number?

The absolute value of a complex number a+bi is the square root of (a2+b2). For example, the absolute value of 4+9i is the square root of (42 + 92) which is the square root of 97 which is about 9.8489 (The absolute value of a complex number is not complex.)

The number -4 is what set of numbers?

The number -4 belongs to the set of all integers. It also belongs to the rationals, reals, complex numbers.

Adjoint operator of a complex number?

Adjoint operator of a complex number?

Solve 7-24i complex number?


What do you get if you raise a real number to a complex number?

You get a complex number unless the real number happens to be 0 or 1.

What is another name for absolute value of a complex number?

The absolute value of a complex number is the magnitude of the number, which is found from sqrt(a² + b²) for the complex number a + bi

Can a complex number be a pure imaginary number?

Yes. And since Real numbers are a subset of complex numbers, a complex number can also be a pure real.Another AnswerYes, for example: (0 + j5) is a complex number, whose 'real' number is zero.

Is 3i an irrational number?

The imaginary part of the complex number โ€“5 + 3i is

Are imaginary and complex numbers the same?

No. A complex number is a number that has both a real part and an imaginary part. Technically, a pure imaginary number ... which has no real part ... is not a complex number.

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