Is 7cm 11cm 15cm a right triangle?

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No. 7 squared plus 11 squared does not equal 15 squared.

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Q: Is 7cm 11cm 15cm a right triangle?
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What is the area of a triangle with 11cm 8cm 7cm?

A triangle with side a: 11, side b: 8, and side c: 7 cm has an area of 27.93cm2

Can a 3 sided shape with lenghts of 8 cm 7cm and 15cm be a scalene triangle?

A triangle with those measurements would just form a straight line.

What is volume of cylinder with 7cm radius and 11cm height?

V = 1693.32 cm3

What triangle has 7cm 7cm 7cm?

cube test of cm;1in3 in 7days

What is the area of a right triangle that is Cm high and has a base that is 7cm long?

The height has not been given but the area of the triangle is: 0.5*height*base

Is 7cm 24cm 25cm a right triangel?

Yes because the given dimensions complies with Pythagoras' theorem for a right angle triangle.

Is a 5cm by 12cm a right triangle?

If two sides of a triangle have lengths of 5cm and 12cm, then the third side can have any length that's more than 7cm and less than 17cm. If the third side is 13cm, then the triangle is a right triangle.

If a triangle has 7cm and 16cm what is the area?

56 cm2 * * * * * Only if these are the shorter legs of a right angled triangle and there is no justification for making that assumption. Two sides of a triangle are not sufficient to determine its area.

Can a triangle have sides 6cm 7cm and 15 cm?


Can 7cm 40cm 41cm be side lengths of a right triangle?

Yes, if we consider 41 cm is the approximation of 40.608 cm.

Area of a rectangle 7cm by 11cm?

77cm. That should've been quite obvious.... all you do is multiply 7 by 11 and BAM, you have 77!

What is the area of a triangle with base 12 cm and height 7cm?

The area of triangle is : 42.0

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