Is f(x) shifted upward a units?

Updated: 12/24/2022
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Q: Is f(x) shifted upward a units?
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Which of the following steps were applied to abcd to obtain a'b'c'd'A) Shifted 3 units right and 1 unit down.B) Shifted 4 units right and 2 units down.C) Shifted 2 units right and 3 units down.D) Shifted 3 units right and 2 units down?

Can someone please help me???

If a figure is shifted 3 units to the right you add blank to the blank coordinate?

if a figure is shifted 3 units to the right, you add to the coordinate

How do you find f x plus 5?

The result depends on how the function f() is defined. Simply copy the function definition, replacing every "x" (assuming the function is defined in terms of "x") by "x+5".

Is f(x) shifted downward a units?

To shift a funcion (or its graph) down "a" units, you subtract "a" from the function. For example, x squared gives you a certain graph; "x squared minus a" will give you the same graph, but shifted down "a" units. Similarly, you can shift a graph upwards "a" units, by adding "a" to the function.

Which point lies on the graph of the line of y equals -2y shifted up 4 units?

y = -y implies the first line is y = 0 or the x axis. Shifted up 4 units, it becomes the line y = 4.

How do you graph cosine functions?

it is the same as a sin function only shifted to the left pi/2 units

What point lies on the graph of the line of y equals -2x shifted up 4 units?


Which is the exponential form of log 8 x equals 3?

The graph of is shifted 3 units down and 2 units right. Which equation represents the new graph?

Is a function f(x) is shifted to the left four units what will the transformed function look like?

It will be f(x+4).

How is the graph of f(x)-3x2-4 different from the graph of f(x)-3x2?

The second graph is shifted upwards by 4 units.

In the vertex form of a quadratic function y equals a the quantity of x-b squared plus c what does the b tell you about the graph?

The standard form of the quadratic function in (x - b)2 + c, has a vertex of (b, c). Thus, b is the units shifted to the right of the y-axis, and c is the units shifted above the x-axis.

What equation function for the shape y equals x2 but upside-down and shifted right 5 units?