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The graph of is shifted 3 units down and 2 units right. Which equation represents the new graph?

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Q: Which is the exponential form of log 8 x equals 3?
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What is log2 8 equals 3 in exponential form?

log2(8) = 3 means (2)3 = 8

What is the inverse of y equals log3x?

Since the logarithmic function is the inverse of the exponential function, then we can say that f(x) = 103x and g(x) = log 3x or f-1(x) = log 3x. As we say that the logarithmic function is the reflection of the graph of the exponential function about the line y = x, we can also say that the exponential function is the reflection of the graph of the logarithmic function about the line y = x. The equations y = log(3x) or y = log10(3x) and 10y = 3x are different ways of expressing the same thing. The first equation is in the logarithmic form and the second equivalent equation is in exponential form. Notice that a logarithm, y, is an exponent. So that the question becomes, "changing from logarithmic to exponential form": y = log(3x) means 10y = 3x, where x = (10y)/3.

How do you write expressions in exponential form of the numbers 3 and 5?

Using the natural (base e) logs, written as "ln", 3 is eln(3) and 5 is eln(5). Or in base 10, 3=10log(3) and 5=10log(5). Check it out by taking log of both sides: log(3) = log(10log(3)) = log(3) x log(10) =log(3) x 1=log(3).

How do you change exponential form to logarithmic form?

Exponential form is ax = b. Logarithmic form is logab = x. For example, 102 = 100 is the same as log10100 = 2. Another example: 53 = 125 is the same as log5125 = 3. If there is no number under the log (for example, log3), the the number is understood to be ten. For example, log8 is the same as log108. A natural log uses the symbol ln. In this case, the number is understood to be e (which equals about 2.718). For example, ln5 is the same as loge5 (which the same as log2.7185).

What is 64 in exponential form with 2 or 3 as the exponent?

Two to the sixth power. 8 with an exponent of 2 equals 64 and 4 with an exponent of 3 equals 64

How do we change from logarithmic form to exponential form?

Logb (x)=y is called the logarithmic form where logb means log with base b So to put this in exponential form we let b be the base and y the exponent by=x Here is an example log2 8=3 since 23 =8. In this case the term on the left is the logarithmic form while the one of the right is the exponential form.

What is 2x2x3x5x5x5 in exponential form?

2x2x3x5x5x5 in exponential form is: 22 x 3 x 53

What is x if log x equals -3?

If the log of x equals -3 then x = 10-3 or 0.001or 1/1000.

What is 30 in exponential form?

30 in exponential form is 3 x 101.

What is 3 in exponential form?

3 = 3.0 × 100

What is the exponential form of 243?


3 to the 4th power is written in what form?

exponential form