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A line over the decimal part of a number indicates that there is a part that recurs infinitely many times. Such numbers are rational.

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Q: Is it rational or irrational if there is a line over the decimal?
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Is a number with a horizontal line over it rational or irrational?

It is rational.

Is 39.81 with a line over 81 irrational?

No, it is rational.

Is a negative repeating decimal rational or irrational?

it is irrational because you just keep writing the same number over and over again!

Is two over eight a rational or irrational number?

It is irrational because when you divide 2 by 8 you get a terminating decimal,0.205.

Are irrational numbers always decimal numbers?

Both rational and irrational numbers can be expressed with decimals. If the number is irrational, it will have an infinite number of decimal digits, and there will be no periodic repetition. For example, 1/7 (which is rational) is 0.142857 142857 142857... The same sequence of six digits repeats over and over again. In irrational numbers, this is not the case.

Is 7 over 5 as a fraction a rational or irrational number as a decimal?

If the decimal number can be expressed as a fraction (with one whole number over another), then it is a rational decimal number. So 7/5 is a rational number, and remains as such even if expressed in decimal form (of 1.4).

Is 19 over 14 rational or irrational?


How is an irrational number different from rational numbers?

Irrationals differ from Rationals by definition. If a real number is not a Rational Number then it is Irrational. One way to find out if a number is either Rational or Irrational is to look at its decimal value. If the digits past the decimal point terminate then it is a Rational number. If the digits past the decimal point repeat the same digit forever, of if it repeats a sequence of digits over and over, then it is a Rational Number. If the digits past the decimal point do not repeat in any pattern, and do not stop, then it is an Irrational number. Another way to find out if a number is Rational or Irrational is if it can be exactly described by a fraction (ratio). If it is the same as some fraction, then it is a Rational Number. Irrationals cannot be exactly described as a fraction.

Is 29 an irrational number?

Integers are rational. Also, terminating decimal numbers, as well as repeating decimals (such as 3.12121212..., where "12" repeats over and over) are rational.

Is 0.1010010001 rational or irrational?

If the pattern continues, with one more zero in each group, then it is IRRATIONAL. For a number to be rational, EXACTLY THE SAME pattern must repeat over and over, at least after a certain point.

How do you know if a decimal is rational or irrational?

A decimal is rational if it:either ends and doesn't go on forever; ORit is a repeating decimal.A decimal is irrational if it goes on forever and ever and never stops without repeating.The number: 5.77777777 is rational because it goes on forever, REPEATING the same number (the digit 7).It can also repeat a group of numbers, like the number: 8.789789789789789789See how the "789" is REPEATING over and over again and never stops? That is a rational decimal!

Is the fraction 1 over 4 rational or irrational?

It is rational because 1/4= .25 An irrational number (like pi) is a decimal that does not end. A rational number (think fraction) will end. (ex: 1/8 .35 .83 etc)