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You can have 0.5 radians, no problem!

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Q: Is radian cannot be express as the quotient of two integer?
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What is the arc tangent of 0.5?

arctan(0.5) = 0.4636 + k*pi radian = 26.5651 + k*180 degrees where k is an integer.

How do you convert steradians into radian?

You do not convert. STERADIAN is a two dimensioal measurement RADIAN is a one dimensional measurement. Just as you cannot convert area into degrees (of angular measurement)

How do you calculate feet per radian?

You cannot. A foot is a linear measure of displacement whereas a radian measures angular displacement. The two measure different characteristics and conversion between the two is not valid.

What is a radian of 30 degrees?

The radian is 0.523598776

What is the formula for converting 15 degrees to radian?

1 degree = pi*radian/180 So therefore 15 times pi*radian/180 = pi*radian/12

When was Radian - Morituri - created?

Radian - Morituri - was created in 1986.

How can you solve -2sin2x plus 14sin2x equals 9?

-2sin(2x)+14 sin(2x)=9 12 sin(2x)=9 sin(2x)=9/12 2x= sin^-1(3/4) = sin^-1(0.75) 2x=0.84806 radian x = 0.42403 radian or 24.295 degrees The other solution is x=2.7176 radian or 155.705 degrees Since the sine function has period 2PI, the general solution may be written as x= 0.43403+ 2nPI, where n is any integer and x=2.7176 + 2nPI, where n is any integer

How big is a radian?

A radian is an arc of the circumference of a circle and it is about 57.3 degrees.

How many degrees are there in one radian?

One radian is about 57.3 degrees

Convert negative 72 degrees to radian measure?

-1.257 radian

What is a radian equal to?

A radian is 180/pi degrees, or about 57 degrees

Define Radian measure of an angle?

radian = 180/2pi degrees