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Q: Largest positive and negative numbers for 8 bit signed numbers in decimal?
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Is decimal number greater than a negative number?

Positive numbers are greater than negative numbers. Decimals can be either positive or negative.

Are nagative numbers always numbers decimal negative?

Any number, negative or positive, can be expressed as a decimal number. So a negative number can always be expressed as a negative decimal.

Does the difference between a positive decimal and a negative decimals can always sometimes or never be positive and why?

It is always positive, and not just for decimal numbers but for all numbers.

How do you divide a positive decimal by a negative decimal?

-- Ignore the signs temporarily. -- Divide the numbers. -- The quotient is negative.

What are positive and negative numbers but have no decimal or fractional portion?


Are positive numbers whole numbers?

No. Positive numbers can be whole numbers but they can also be decimal numbers and fractions. If a value is a whole number, it does not have a fraction or decimal part and it is not negative. Whole numbers are also called natural numbers or counting numbers.

How do you get an integer?

An integer is a number that can be either positive or negative and has no numbers after the decimal point.

What is the description of whole numbers?

whole numbers are any positive or negative number that does not have a fraction or decimal point

Is negative 70 an integer?

Yes. Integers include both positive and negative numbers (and zero). Anything that, when written in decimal, has no digits after the decimal point.

What do you call a non negative with no fractional or decimal?

They are called positive integers or whole numbers

What is -0.567 on the number system?

In the number system , there are decimal numbers, fractions,rational numbers , irrational numbers , negative and positive numbers.-0.567 on the number system is negative number.

What way in scientific notation do you swing the decimal for positive numbers?

Whether the number is positive or negative is not relevant. What matters is the sign of the exponent. If THAT is positive then the decimal point is moved to the right.