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Q: Order these numbers from smallest to largest?
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When numbers are largest to smallest?

descending order

What is another name for ascending order of numbers?

largest to smallest

Put these numbers in order from smallest to biggest0.70.0070.50.63?

Smallest 0.007 0.5 0.63 Largest 0.7

What is the data in order from smallest to largest?

What are the numbers? you can put them from largest to smallest or Visa-Versa. it is called NUMERICAL ORDER

How do you list these numbers in order from smallest to largest 0.7 0.007 0.5 and 0.63?

Smallest to largest... 0.007, 0.5, 0.63, 0.7

What is the largest 4 digit number that uses the 4 smallest prime numbers?

In order of smallest to largest, 2,357 In opposite order the highest number would be 7,532.

Data in order from smallest to largest or vice-versa is called?

Data in order from smallest to largest or vice-versa is called numerical order. It is a systematic arrangement of numbers.

Put these in order for you smallest to largest 0.2 0.18 0.175 0.17?

.17 is the smallest, .2 is the largest. These are decimal forms of fractional numbers. So they behave just like regular numbers in size order.

What is the order of these numbers 0.4 0.33 0.31 0.38 0.3 from smallest to largest?

Smallest to largest: 0.3, 0.31, 0.33, 0.38, 0.4

How do you compare and order fractions?

As fractions are numbers you would use the same methods as any other comparison or ordering of numbers. Largest to smallest or smallest to largest are the most likely ways

Is descending order from high to low?

Numbers are said to be in descending order when they are arranged from the largest to the smallest number.

Can you order these numbers 45 0.10 0.025 0.2?

From smallest to largest: 0.025, 0.10, 0.2, 45 From largest to smallest: 45, 0.2, 0.10, 0.025