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Q: Qd equals 300-20p and Qs equals 20p-100 what is the market adjustment process?
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A process's port number plus its host machine's IP address equals the process's?


A dynamic balance in which the rate of the forward process equals the rate of the reverse process is known as?

Dynamic equilibrium.

Which process will lead to larger work output isothermal process or polytropic process with n1.25?

The process equation for this is PV up to the nth power which equals C. The polytrophic process is 1.25 which is the n in the equation.

What is the difference between reverse process and equilibrium?

A reversible process is one which can be reversed and causes no changes in the system or surroundings. For a process in equilibrium, the rate of the forward process equals the rate of the reverse process (which can be, but is not necessarily equal to zero).

What type of the risk is acceptable in the risk managment process?

A risk that equals or is less than the reward.

Which of the following is true of an isothermal process Temperature is constant W equals Q ΔU equals 0 Pressure is constant?

Temperature is constant during an isothermal process. The work done (W) is equal to the heat added (Q). The change in internal energy (ΔU) is zero for an isothermal process. The pressure can vary during an isothermal process, depending on the specific conditions.

1 equals n how to find answer n equals 100?

You cannot, unless n is a counter in a program or algorithm for a looping process. In that case, you need to know what the algorithm is doing.

What percent of 165 equals 495?

Reverse the normal percent process. 495/165 * 100 = 300%

Where is the point of intersection of the lines y equals 4x-1 and 3y-8x plus 2 equals 0?

By a process of elimination and substitution the lines intersect at: (1/4, 0)

What are the solutions to the simultaneous equations of 2s plus 3x equals 31 and 3s plus 4x equals 44?

Through a process of elimination and substitution the solutions are s = 8 and x = 5

Was the Wagner Act partially based on the assumption that individual workers and management are equals in the bargaining process?


How many quarts are in 1 0.5 gallons?

1.5 gallons equals 6 quarts.See related link to find out the process