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h/(-3 - 7) = 10

h/-10 = 10

h = -100

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Q: Solve the equation h over -3 minus 7 equals 10?
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Solve the quadratic equation by clearing fractions and then solving 4 over x plus 2 minus 4 equals 3 over x minus 3?

x=-1 ^ how do you know?

How do you solve equation x over 7 equals 2?

Multiply both sides of the equation by 7.

Solve x over the quantity x minus one equals onehalf minus the quantity x plus one over the quantity x minus two?


How do you solve 8 minus n over 7 equals 4 over 3?


Solve equation 32x-1 equals 5-3x-2?

x equals 4 over 35

How do you solve the equation the natural logarithm of 1 plus tx equals tx minus h over g times x squared for x?

The equation is: ln(1+tx)=tx-(h/g)x^2 BTW

What is n over 2 minus 6 equals 4?

It is a simple equation in a single variable, n.

Solve 3 over 2 parenthesis 1 minus 5 parenthesis equals negative 6?

3/2(1-5)=-6 3/2(-4)=-6 3/-8=-6 Not equal. This equation is a false equation. Unless a variable was meant to be in the equation, this equation is not equal.

What are the terms of a quadratic equation?

x equals negative b plus or minus the square root of b squared minus 4bc over 2a

What is n in m equals n minus 2 over n?

figure it out! But you can''t figure out N in this equation

Solve the equation four over nine times x equals?

(4/9) x = That's not an equation. If there were a number after the 'equals' sign, then we could calculate the value of 'x'. But as it is, there's no question there, so there's nothing to solve.

How do you solve log sub 9 parenthesis a over 27 closed parenthesis equals x minus 2?

Your equation has two variables in it ... 'a' and 'x'. So the solution is a four-step process: 1). Get another independent equation that relates the same two variables. 2). Solve one of the equations for one of the variables. 3). Substitute that into the other equation, yielding an equation in a single variable. Solve that one for the single variable. 4). Substitute that value back into the first equation, and solve it for the second variable.

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