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Q: True or false From security perspective the best rooms are directly next to emergency exits?
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Do prison buses have emergency exits?

Yes prison buses do have emergency exits, plus its the law. (:

How many emergency exits are on a plane?


How many emergency exits does a b787 dreamliner have?


How many exits do you need for a basement to be considered living space?

Generally, a basement must have two exits to be considered as living space, one of which should be a door that leads directly outside. The other exit can be a window large enough for a person to fit through in case of an emergency.

Where is the best place to install emergency lights?

The best place to install emergency lights is by the exits or doorways. You can read more at The best place to install emergency lights is in hallways and doorways or exits. These will assist in the event of a fire.

What passengers could not sit near the emergency exits?

The elderly, or the under-aged.

What is the safest seat on a Boeing 737?

The seats in the middle of a plane by the wing emergency exits.

What are three common health and safety and security hazards in the workplace?

Common health, safety or security hazards in the workplace may include:violence by coworkersslipping or tripping on somethingexcessive exposure to noisebeing cut by a sharp objectexcessive exposure to a solvent vaporblocked emergency exits,unauthorized or improper use of electrical cordsimproper marking of hazardous materials

Do the seats at the emergency exits on planes recline?

The time I sat in that row, the seats did not recline. They were uncomfortable. I try not to sit in them.

Why is it important for us to know the locations of emergency exits?

It is important because if there is a fire, you know the quickest and safest way to get out of the building.

What are emergency exits for?

These are used to allow passengers to get off aplane in the safest, fastest time if there is reason to i.e. fire etc

Can spiral stairs be used for emergency exits in modern buildings?

Our local Fire Marshal allowed them - -and there are several in buildings in this area. Waterford, VT