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42 x 9 or 63 x 6

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Q: What 2 digit number x 1 digit number makes 378?
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What 2 digit number times 1 digit number equals 378?

63 × 6 54 × 7 42 × 9

Carlin wrote a 447 page book on the history of mathematics. She numbered the pages by hand beginning with page 1. How many total digits did she write when numbering the pages?

Answer1 x 9 (number of 1 digit numbers) plus 2 x 89 (number of 2 digit numbers) plus 3(number of 3 digit numbers) x 347 = 1228 The correct answer is 1323. Here is how you do it.1 digit numbers = 92 digit numbers = 90 (99-9) number of 2 digit numbers - number of 1 digit numbers3 digit numbers = 378 (477-99) number of 3 digit numbers - number of 1 & 2 digit numbersSo, the solution is:1x9 = 92x90 = 1803x378 = 11349+180+378 = 1323

What is a 6 digit number when we add 1 to it becomes a 7 digit number?

999,999 is 6 digits Adding 1 makes it 1,000,000 = a 7 digit number.

When you divide a 3 digit number by a 1 digit number will the answer ever be a 1 digit number?


How do you find odd three digit numbers?

Easily put any number with a single odd number 1,3,5,7,9 in a three digit number. Like 113 the 3 and 1 makes it odd number or 223 the three makes it odd.

What is the greatest 1 digit number?

The number 9 is the greatest one-digit number.

What is the greatest product of a 2 digit number multiplied by a 1 digit number?

2 digit number

What number goes into 378 a1000 even number of times?

1 and 2.

What is staple's phone number?


What is 1 more than the greatest 7 digit number?

I would think the greatest 7 digit number would be 9,999,999. Therefore if you add 1 more, you would get 10,000,000. Makes sense to me anyway, lol.

The units digit of a two digit number exceeds twice the tens digit by 1 what numbers if the sum of its digit is 10?

The units digit of a two digit number exceeds twice the tens digit by 1. Find the number if the sum of its digits is 10.

What is a 3 digit number that is divisible by 1?

a 3 digit number that is divisible by on is a three digit number that is a multiple of one.

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