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you can make a square based pyramid using 4 triangles and a 1 square

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Q: What 3 dimenional shape can you make using 4 triangles and 1 square?
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If using exactly two triangles what shape will that make?

The two triangles would make either a square or a rectangle.

What is a 3D shape using a pentagon called?

Dodecahedron. The 5 "Platonic Solids" are: Cube/ 6 square sides Tetrahedron/ 4 triangles Rhomboid/ 8 triangles Dodecahedron/ 12 pentagons Icosahedron/ 20 triangles

What shape can you make using four equilateral triangles?

A parallelogram.

What are the dimensions of one twelfth of a 12 inch square using right triangles and acute and obtuse isoceles triangles?

There are infinitely many configurations for the required shape and so the dimensions cannot be listed.

What shape has seven angles?

An Octogon. You can figure this out on ANY shape by making triangles within the shape Thanks for using!

How can quadrilaterals be formed by using 4 isosceles triangles?

The diagonals of a square for example divides it into 4 isosceles triangles

You can make my shape by using two triangles what am i?

i dont know that answer so, thats why i asked you to answer it for me

What shape can you make using 1 medium triangle and 2 small triangles?

a BIG HUGE triangle i am in the 2ndgrade and i am 8 i am in glenarnden woods elem. in pgcps

Can you make a square without any triangles from a tangram?

Without the triangles of a tangram all that is left is the parallelogram and the small square. So using only the small square yes (the small square itself), otherwise with the square and the parallelogram from a tangram no.

How do you make 4 triangles with 6 toothpicks?

using four of them you make a square then using the remaining two make a criss cross in the middle of the square.

When using a pedigree males are drawn as what shape?


How do you figure out square footage?

The answer depends on how simple of complicated the shape is. For a reasonably simple shape, break it don into shapes such as triangles, parallelograms and trapezia, and circles or ellipses. Measure the dimensions of these shapes in feet and then, using standard formulae, calculate their areas - which will be in square feet. Add the results together to get the area of the shape.For more complicated shapes you may need to approximate the area using the above shapes to approximately match the shape.

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