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All insects and arachnids.

for example bees, centipedes, millipedes, Spiders.

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Q: What animals does not have a backbone and have more than 2 legs?
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What animal has more than 2 legs and has a backbone?

There are a great many animals with more than two legs and a backbone, here are a few examples, cat, dog, cow, goat, pig, horse, zebra, giraffe, elephant, mouse.

Do animals with a backbone out number animals without a backbone?

No, there are many more animals without backbones than there are those that have backbones.

Is there a animal with more than 2 legs yes or no?

Yes there is. In fact there are many animals with more than 2 legs. for example, there is dogs, cats, giraffes and elephant's. there are many other animals with more than 2 legs too.

Which animals no have backbone?

The only animals that don't have a backbone are insects and spiders. They are also called invertebrates.snakes,worms and catapillars

Animals with more than four legs?

Spiders, scorpions, crabs, and lobsters each have eight legs.

Is three legs or four legs stronger?

Animals with amputated legs, which leaves them with 3 legs, tend to be more weak than anamals with four legs are

What animal has more than 2 legs but less than 8?

A centipede has more than 2 legs but less than 8. They can have anywhere from 30 to 354 legs, depending on the species.

What animals have more than 4 legs?

Myriapoda, which are animals like centipedes and millipedes, usually have more than eight legs. Squid have four pairs of arms and then on pair of tentacles that are not arms. Jellyfish also have a multitude of tentacles.

What is new slogan learned by the sheep and why animal farm?

"All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

What does the vertebrate do?

Technically vertebrates are just a way of organising animals into groups rather than an animal in particular. Vertebrates are animals with a backbone, the opposite to invertebrates which don't have a backbone.

What is the Correct term for animals that have no backbone?

Animals without an vertebral column, which would be a backbone or spine, are called Invertebrates.The "in" prefix of the word meaning "without" Therefore 'in'--without, 'vertebrate' --bone/s in the column of the spine.

Is there more heads or legs on the Earth?

There are more legs than heads on Earth, since most animals have more than one leg but typically only one head.