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By using the decimal numbers, you are now using the concept of fraction.

There are some situation where we can apply the fraction, for example, cooking, medicine, sewing and tailoring :)

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Q: What are 5 ways you can use fractions in real life?
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When we use hcf in real life?

When we simplify fractions.

How do you use fractions in real life?

You use fractions for LOTS of things in the real world like money, gambling, shopping, clothing, etc.

When do you use factor theorem in real life?

when simplifying fractions

Real life situations where you use fractions?

in cookbooks and recipes

How do we use negative exponent in real life?

In calculating fractions.

Can you find 3 different ways to use fractions in your daily life?

here is how to use fractions in your daily life- 1. cooking 2. money 3. telling the time on a clock

When will you need to put fractions on a number line in real life?

You are asked to put the fractions on a number line to help you understand fractions. It isn't so much you will use a number line " in real life" but it gives you a visual representation to help you learn. You will use fractions for many things in life. Just do what what you are asked to do by your teacher they have a reason. You are not the only student in the class and others may need a bit extra assignments to help them understand. Go with the flow. Not all things in life will relate to "real life."

How do you use hard fractions?

To Learn how to do it in hard ways

Where do you use GCF in real life?

When reducing fractions to their simplest form the greatest common factor of their numerator and denominator must be found.

Examples of fractions used in everyday life?

We use fractions in the grocery we use fractions in the grocery shops like half a dozen

How do use LCM in the real world?

To add fractions.

Where do you use fractions in real life?

Ratios for sports (ex. he went 3/4), how much food you have left(ex. 5/8), for prices on sale (ex. 1/2 off), and many other ways they were the three that came to my mind