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If a hyperbola is vertical, the asymptotes have a slope of m = +- a/b. If a hyperbola is horizontal, the asymptotes have a slope of m = +- b/a.

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Q: What are the slopes of the hyperbola's asymptotes?
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The graph of the equation below is a hyperbola What are the slopes of the hyperbolas asymptotes?

7/12 and 7/12 is the answer

What are the followings-hyberbola-asymptotes of hyperbola-centre of hyperbola-conjugated diameter of hyperbola-diameter of hyperbola-directrices of hyperbola-eccentricity of hyperbola?

Asymptotes are the guidelines that a hyperbola follows. They form an X and the hyperbola always gets closer to them but never touches them. If the transverse axis of your hyperbola is horizontal, the slopes of your asymptotes are + or - b/a. If the transverse axis is vertical, the slopes are + or - a/b. The center of a hyperbola is (h,k). I don't know what the rest of your questions are, though.

What are the equation of the asymptotes for each graph?

that's simple an equation is settled of asymptotes so if you know the asymptotes... etc etc Need more help? write it

What are the three types of asymptotes?

Three types of asymptotes are oblique/slant, horizontal, and vertical

How are hyperbolas different from parabolas?

hyperbolas have an eccentricity (fixed point to fixed line ratio) that is greater than 1, while the parabolas have an exact eccentricity that is equal to 1. And hyperbolas are always come in pairs while parabolas are not.

What do the asymptotes represent when you graph the tangent function?

When you graph a tangent function, the asymptotes represent x values 90 and 270.

How many asymptotes does a ellipse have?


What rhymes with asymptotes?

music notes

Does an ellipse have asymptotes?

ellipses do have asymptotes, but they are imaginary, so they are generally not considered asymptotes. If the equation of the ellipse is in the form a(x-h)^2 + b(y-k)^2 = 1 then the asymptotes are the lines a(y-k)+bi(x-h)=0 ai(y-k)+b(x-h)=0 the intersection of the asymptotes is the center of the ellipse.

Why are asymptotes important characteristics of rational functions?

Asymptotes are one way - not the only way, but one of several - to analyze the general behavior of a function.

How are circles ellipses hyperbolas and parabolas used in real life?

--actually they are used in real life. parabolas are seen in "parabolic microphones" or satellites. and there are others for both ellipses and hyperbolas.

How many non-verticle asymptotes can a rational function have?

Not sure what non-verticle means, but a rational function can have up to 2 non-vertical asymptotes,