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We can measure extreme temperatures by its level of infrared radiation.

It can also be measured by light intensity, but for this, it would be best to know what the hot material is made of.

Temperature can be measured with various probes, but this would probably not be an idea as in regards to extremes of where these probes would melt away in a blink of a second. Even probes made of Wolfram can melt.

Extreme temperatures as those deep below into the sun are not actually measured. They are an calculated estimate and represents what we believe the temperature to be in regards to todays understanding of solar activity and physics.

Scientific notation can be used to write down the measured temperature, but not to actually measure it.

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Q: What can be used to measure extreme temperatures?
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Why are Different types of thermometers used to measure more extreme temperature?

Different types of thermometers are used to measure more extreme temperatures because each type has different working principles and temperature ranges in which they are most accurate. For example, liquid-in-glass thermometers are suitable for measuring moderate temperatures, while thermocouples are better for measuring very high or very low temperatures. Using specialized thermometers ensures accurate temperature readings in extreme conditions.

Which thermometer is used to measure the temperature of burning match sick?

A thermocouple thermometer is typically used to measure the temperature of a burning matchstick. This type of thermometer can withstand high temperatures and provide accurate readings in extreme heat conditions.

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What is the temperature used on laboratory thermometers?

Typically, laboratory thermometers are calibrated to measure temperatures ranging from -10°C to 110°C. However, specialized thermometers can be used for extreme temperatures outside of this range.

The use of thermometer?

the thermometer is used to measure the temperatures.

What are 2 scales that measure temperature?

Fahrenheit, Celsius, and Kelvin are used to measure temperatures.

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