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They could have been there from birth and grown larger into adulthood and you never really paid attention to them. I have done a lot of research on this and found nothing on this sort of thing. Think about what you have been doing. If the lumps seem to be on the same spot on each side of your skull then perhaps you are wearing a bike helmet or if you are male, helmets in sports and it's irritating your skull causing the lump. It could also be bony spurs, but this is unlikely. Any lumps should be checked out by your doctor.

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Q: What could cause two lumps on either side of your skull?
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What could cause your husband to have hard lumps on his head and could they play a part in his neck always hurting right under his skull?

this is called the Occipital Gonoyle... look it up - very common in men at the base of the neck/skull

Can Lumps on base of skull be sinus?

No. Sinuses are cavities (not bumps) and are located in the front part of your skull behind your eyes and nasal areas.

What could lumps on the back left side of your skull be that are painful to the touch and seem hard but squishy because they have multiplied and grown and one is really LONG so what are they?


What could be wrong if you have had these ridge-like hard lumps that start from the crown of your head to almost your forehead for years?

Nothings wrong as long as they aren't massive. It's the shape of your skull!

What is the cage that protects your internal organs?

It's either ribs, or skull. Hope I could help!

What causes pain when tapping right side of skull?

There are various things which could cause pain when tapping on the right side of the skull. If you are concerned consult a doctor.

Could a headache be caused by intra-cranial bleeding?

Bleeding inside the skull can indeed cause Headache.

What would make the bone in your head move?

There are a few things that could cause the bone in your head to move. One is if you have a tumor on or near the skull bone, it could put pressure on the bone and cause it to move. Another is if you have a fracture of the skull bone, that could also cause it to move. And finally, another reason it could move is if you have an infection of the sinuses called sinusitis, and the infection spreads to the bones around your eyes. If any of these are causing your skull bone to move, you should go see your doctor.

Is a Lump at right base of skull with a sore caused by an infection?

no it could be a cyst either and could have been busted while brushing your hair seek medical attention anyway

Can dehydration cause skull depressions?


What is the importance of the skull?

The importance of the skeleton is to support, to move and to protect.

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