What does an hour so mean?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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An hour or an hour and fifteen minutes

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Q: What does an hour so mean?
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What does on the hour mean?

At every hour exactly, for example 'the train will leave at 1pm or 2pm and so on - on the hour.

What does the acronym 5p per hour mean when using electricity?

"5p per hour" is not an acronym so please amend your question.

What does in an evil hour mean?

Usually it can mean a VERY bad hour............

How far is Guam from US?

Do you mean the U.S.? If so anywhere from a 10-20 hour flight.

What does it mean 80 minutes 2?

If you mean 80 mins to an hour, it means it is an hour and 20 minutes to a certain hour.

What does 34 of and hour mean?

If you mean 3/4 of an hour then it is equal to 45 minutes

What does subsequent hour mean?

It means any hour after the first hour

What does 8.25 hrs mean?

8 hours and one quarter of an hour. So that is 8 hours and 15 minutes.

What you mean by hr?


What does it mean when you and a guy have an hour conversation through a social network?

it normally doesnt mean much if its only an hour

What does mph mean?

Miles per hour Miles-Per-Hour

What does it mean in math when you say per?

Per means "for each", so maybe you walk at 4 miles per hour.