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It means that it has constants and variables that has a form of something like

7x2+2x+5 or something like that.

Variables can not be used as exponents though, and exponents have to be whole numbers. Also, variables can not be a denominator.

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Q: What does it mean if a function is a polynomial?
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Can the exponents in a polynomial function be negative?

No. It would not be a polynomial function then.

A polynomial function is always continuous?

Yes, a polynomial function is always continuous

How is a rational function the ratio of two polynomial functions?

That's the definition of a "rational function". You simply divide a polynomial by another polynomial. The result is called a "rational function".

How does my knowledge of polynomial function prepare me to understand rational function?

A rational function is the quotient of two polynomial functions.

Example of fundamental difference between a polynomial function and an exponential function?

fundamental difference between a polynomial function and an exponential function?

What is the difference between rational and polynomials?

A polynomial function is simply a function that is made of one or more mononomials. For example 4x^2+3x-5 A rational function is when a polynomial function is divided by another polynomial function.

What is a quadratic function is a function whose rule is a polynomial of degree what?

A polynomial of degree 2.

Is an absolute value function a polynomial function?

No it is not

What is a second degree polynomial function?

A second-degree polynomial function is a function of the form: P(x) = ax2 + bx + cWhere a ≠ 0.

What is the definition for the zero of a polynomial function?

The zero of a polynomial in the variable x, is a value of x for which the polynomial is zero. It is a value where the graph of the polynomial intersects the x-axis.

What is a root of a polynomial function?

A value of the variable that makes the polynomial equal to zero (apex)

What is the difference between a transcendental an algebraic function?

An algebraic function is a function built from polynomial and combined with +,*,-,/ signs. The transcendental it is not built from polynomial like X the power of Pie plus 1. this function is transcendental because the power pi is not integer number in result it can't be a polynomial.