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Q: What does it mean when you place a dot at the point named by an ordered pair?
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What does Order In mean?

to eat food in the place you ordered it

What does ordered pairs mean in math?

a pair of numbers used to locate a point on a coordinate plane

What was the place he chose named What does that mean?

The place he chose was named Zion, which means "a place of peace and refuge" in Hebrew. It is often associated with the promised land in the Bible.

What does point of origin mean?

the starting place, where it begins, the first place

What is the name of a place named after a cow in nz?

Do you mean Whykickamoocow ?

Which quadrant contains the point named 25?

If you mean point (2, 5) then it is in the 1st quadrant on the Cartesian plane

What does Tenths mean in place value?

It is the place that is one position to the right of the decimal point.

What was the point of the Egyptian pyramids?

Well, if you mean the actual point, as in tip, it was made out of gold. If you mean like what it was for, then it was the burial place for a Pharaoh.

What Florida county is named for a calusa Indian term thought to mean point of rocks'?


What does fallows mean as in a place name?

Fallows refers to land that is not being cultivated. So a place named Fallowsfield would mean "uncultivated open land".

What does boda valsen mean?

Boda is a place in Sweden and Valsen means the waltz. So it's a waltz named after that place.

Is there a Place named -Goree in Ireland?

There is a place called Gorey, which has the same pronunciation as Goree, which is maybe where you mean. There isn't a place in Ireland called Goree.