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Q: What figures always contains perpendicular lines?
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Are intersecting lines always sometimes or never perpendicular?

Sometimes.Perpendicular lines always intersect.Parallel lines never intersect.Therefore, intersecting lines may be perpendicular, but not always.

What is a rectangle's perpendicular lines?

A rectangle's perpendicular lines are ALWAYS adjacent to eachother

Which figure contains perpendicular lines and parallel lines?

Any polygon with four or more sides can have perpendicular and parallel lines.

Can perpendicular lines form a right angle?

perpendicular lines always form a right angle

Do perpendicular lines always cross each other?

Yes, perpendicular lines always cross to form two right angles.

Lines that always form right angles when they meet?

Lines that always form right angles when they meet are perpendicular lines. The first line is perpendicular to a second line.

Do perpendicular lines always intersect?


Do perpendicular lines always sometimes or never intersect?

Perpendicular lines always intersect and make 90 degree angles. Parallel lines never intersect with each other.

What pair of slopes could represent perpendicular lines?

Negative reciprocal slopes always represent perpendicular lines.

Do 2 perpendicular lines always form right angles?

By definition, perpendicular lines form right angles.

Do perpendicular lines have to make a right angle?

Yes they always do! They are not Perpendicular if they don't.

Can two lines be parellel perpendicular and intersecting at the same time?

No. If the lines are parallel they will never meet or intersect at any point. If the lines are perpendicular they do intersect, but perpendicular lines are a special case of intersecting lines. Perpendicular lines are exactly 90 degrees from each other. Intersecting lines do not haveto be perpendicular... but perpendicular lines are always intersecting.