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Approx 6.1% remains.

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Q: What fraction of carbon-14 will remain in the fossil of an organism that died 23080 years old?
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What is the term for the remain of a once-living organism?


What is the remain of an organism that lived during a short well defined geologic time span?

Probably it is dung that is a fossil

What is a hard and rock-like fossil?

A hard and rock-like fossil is called a petrified fossil. Petrified fossils are formed when organic material is slowly replaced by minerals, turning the material into stone while preserving the original structure of the organism.

How do you calculate parent and daughter isotopes to find the fraction of atoms remaining in a fossil?

To calculate the fraction of atoms remaining in a fossil based on parent and daughter isotopes, you need to know the initial ratio of parent to daughter isotopes in the fossil and the current ratio. By comparing these ratios, you can determine the fraction of parent isotopes that have decayed into daughter isotopes, which indicates how much of the original parent isotopes remain in the fossil.

What type of asexual reproduction involves an organism starting to grow out of the parent organism and that may or may not remain attached to the parent organism?

Fragmentation is a type of asexual reproduction that involves an organism starting to grow out of the parent organism that may or may not remain attached to the parent organism.

Are there fossils in remain about saber-toothed tigers?

No, we just kind of guessed they were there. p.s. It would be the fossil remains, not fossils in remain.

After three half-lives what fraction of a radioactive sample will remain?

Approx 1/8 will remain.

What oxegyn producing organism will remain if all the forest were destroyed?

Plankton =

What allows an organism's system to remain in balance?

Homeostasis is the process by which living organisms regulate internal conditions to maintain stability, despite external changes. This involves mechanisms such as negative feedback loops to adjust physiological parameters within a narrow range conducive to optimal functioning. Various organ systems work together to monitor and adjust factors like temperature, pH, and nutrient levels to sustain homeostasis.

Is a robins egg an organic remain?

Yes. It came from an organism and is capable of decay.

How might a small fish that dies in a pool become a fossil?

When an organism is buried it is usually in sedementary rock, which is sof and layered. Over time the layers of sedements compact and can soak into the bones of an organism. As the bones are put under extreme pressure the become more like rocks and are thus presserved.

If an organism is to survive the conditions within its body fluids must remain relatively what?