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Q: What happens to r if you swap the explanatory and response variable after calculating the coefficient?
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What are explanatory and response variables in statistics?

Explanatory and Response variables are just fancy words for independent and dependent variables. Explanatory is the independent variable and response is the dependent variable.

What are the rules for a positive correlation?

As the explanatory variable increases, the response variable increases

Does a line graph show changes in the responding variable only?

No. It shows changes in the response variable against changes in the explanatory (or independent) variable(s).

Does an observational study or a designed experiment allow the researcher to claim causation between and explanatory variable and a response variable?

designed experiment

A researcher performing an experiment introduces changes in an response variable and tries to explain or bring about resulting changes in the explanatory variable?


What is a response variable?

In a statistical model, you have two kinds of variable. Response variables are the "outputs" of your model. Explanatory variables, on the other hand, are the "inputs" of your model. Response variables are dependent on the explanatory variables. Explanatory variable are independent of the response variables.Imagine you were trying to formulate a statistical model of your car's fuel economy. The "output" of your model is miles per gallon (or kilometres per litre). That's your response variable. "Inputs" into your model might be (for example) engine capacity, number of cylinders, tyre pressure, etc. These are your explanatory variables. That is, fuel economy may be, or is, (to be determined by the modeling) dependent on engine capacity and/or number of cylinders and/or tyre pressure, etc.after the treatment

A researcher tries to explain or bring about resulting changes in the response variable by performing an experiment which introduces an explanatory variable?

Answer is True... Via ApexVs

What is the explanatory variable?

An explanatory variable is one which may be used to explain or predict changes in the values of another variable. There may be several explanatory variables.

What is the number factor of a variable called?

The coefficient is in front of a variable.

What are Explanatory variable?

Explanatory (or predictor) variable: A variable which is used in a relationship to explain or to predict changes in the values of another variable; the latter called the dependent variable.

Can a coefficient of a variable be negative?

Yes, a coefficient of a variable can be negative.

What is the coefficient and variable of 7x?

The coefficient is 7 and the variable is x