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25 years 6 months.

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Q: What is 85 percent of 30 year prison time?
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What is 30 percent of 1 year?

Assuming a 365 day year, 30 percent of one year is equal to 30/100 x 365 = 109.5 days.

Do inmates serve 75 percent of their sentenced time?

While In prison Every 17 days is equavilant to a 30 day month. so its safe to assune that inmates serve 75 percent of their sentence

How many months is 30 percent of a year?

3 and half months is 30% a year.

What would the payment be on 50000.00 on a 30 year loan at 10 percent interest?

Basic Interest interest = principal times the rate time time 10% = 0.1 I=5000.00*30*0.1 =15,000

If you worked 8 hours out of 30 what percentage of time did you work?

8/30 x 100 = 26.6 recurring (that is, 26.6666...) percent. Therefore, 8 hours out of 30 is equal to 26.6 recurring percent of time.

Where can you invest usd 1000 and earn monthly interest of 30 percent?

You cannot, even in a good economy. Today you might make 5 percent per year. In the good times, you might make 20 percent per year. But, never, 30 percent per month.

What is 30 percent of 2 years?

Assuming no Leap Year, 30% of 730 days = 219 days

What is 30 percent of 30 percent?

30% of 30% = 0.09 or 9%

100 is 30 percent of what?

"Percent" = "of 100". So 30 is 30% of 100.

What is the Mortgage constant for a 7.12 percent loan 30 year term?


Whats the current apr for 30 year mortgage?

The current apr rate for a fixed 30 year mortgage is 4.691 percent. Some lenders such as quicken loans are offering a slightly lower 4.5 percent rate.

An initial 500 compounded for 1 year at 6 percent?

Interest earned is computed by taking the principal amount and multiplying it by the rate and time and divided by the time taken. The interest in this case is 30.