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Hpo2- +f-

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Q: What is Bronsted-Lowry acid and base for HPO4 2- plus H plus?
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What type of reaction is acid plus base gives salt plus water?

An acid plus a base will yield a salt and water in a neutralization reaction.

Is h3o plus acid or base?

H3O is a strong acid.

Complete the following word equations Acid plus Base....Acid plus Metal i can't seem to figure it out please help?

When an acid reacts with a base, it forms salt and water. When an acid reacts with a metal, it forms salt and hydrogen gas.

What type of reaction does Acid plus base equals salt plus water?

This is an double-displacement reaction, in this case and acid-base reaction.

Is water plus cleanser acid?


What does an acid plus base make?

An acid plus a base will react to form salt and water in a neutralization reaction. The properties of the resulting salt will depend on the specific acid and base involved in the reaction.

What kind of reaction is an acid plus a base?

An acid plus a base will yield a salt and water. In textbooks this is often written as: HA + BOH yields AB + HOH The above means an acid with its hydronium ion added to a base with its hydroxyl group will yield a salt composed of the acid and the base plus water (hydrogen plus hydroxyl is HOH or H2O).

Acid plus base yields salt plus water is an example of a?

1. acid/base 2. protolysis 3. reversible proton exchange 4. .... reactions

Acid plus .. equals salt plus water?

OH(-) A hydroxide. base

Is H2O plus hso3 equals h2so3 plus oh- and acid or base?

(OH- is a base) (H+ is an acid) Therefore by adding water to HSO3, the OH- ion is produced therefore it is an Arrhenius base.

C02 plus H20 is a base?

CO2 plus H2O actually forms carbonic acid (H2CO3), not a base. Carbonic acid is a weak acid that can dissociate to release H+ ions in solution.

Is H3O plus behaving as an acid or base in the following reaction H3PO4 plus H2O H2PO4- plus H3O plus?

In this reaction, H3O+ is behaving as an acid. It is donating a proton to water (H2O) to form the hydronium ion (H3O+) and the conjugate base of phosphoric acid (H2PO4-).