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A variable is a named memory address in which a value may be stored and mutated.

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Q: What is a function of a variable?
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Why all variables are declared with in the function?

It is not necessary to to declare variables inside the function in C. If you declare a variable inside a function, the variable becomes local for the function and another variable of same name can be declared in any other function, but you can not use the variable declared in other function. When you declare any variable outside the function body then the variable becomes global and can be used in any function of the program. Note: errno is an example for a variable declared outside any function.

Do the dependent variable act as the input of a function and the independent variable act as the output of the function?


What do you call a variable of a function that is active only within the procedure or its function?

local variable

What is the output variable of a function?

It is a value in the co-domain [range] of the function.

How do you know whether a relation is a function?

Use the definition of a function. If, for any value of one variable, there is only a single possible value of the second variable, then the second variable is a function of the first variable. The second variable is often called the "dependent variable". If you can solve an equation explicitly for the dependent variable, then it is a function. If you can NOT solve it for a variable, it may or may not be a function - it turns out that some equations are hard or impossible to solve explicitly for one of the variables.

How do you write 4sin6xcos6x as a function of a single variable?

4 sin(6x) cos(6x) is already a function of a single variable. The variable is ' x '.

How many zeros can you have in an algebraic function?

For an algebraic function in one variable, as many as the highest power of the variable.

What is the function definition?

function is the relationship between independent variable & dependent variable i.e. F:R-R

How you can modify an integer variable value in a function?

with an assignment: variable = value variable += value variable /= -3; ...

When a reference variable is passed to any function than whether it pass address or a copy of a variable?

You cannot arbitrarily determine what is passed to a function from outside of the function. If the function expects a reference, then the memory address of the variable will be automatically passed to the function. If the function expects a value, then a copy of the variable's value is automatically passed instead. In other words, it is the function signature that determines what is passed, not how you call the function.

What is another name for the output variable in a function?

Dependent variable

What does x represent in a function?

The unknown variable in that function.