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they are all triangles

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Q: What is math tribond to isosceles equilateral right?
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Can you name all of of the triangles for math?

Trisngle names are : - Equilateral Isosceles, Right - angled Scalene.

Does an isosceles triangle always have three congruent angles?

Isosceles triangles usually have two congruent sides, but the rule is that they actually have at least two. That means that they can also have a third congruent side. That means they are both equilateral and isosceles*, which I personally think is way too confusing, but that's how it works.Example: A triangle has angles of 60 degrees, 60 degrees, and 60 degrees. It is both isosceles and equilateral.*I think that equilateral triangles are actually a type of isosceles triangle, so that if you're asked on a math test, for example, whether a triangle is scalene, isosceles, or equilateral, you'd say equilateral.No, Isosceles is two equal sides, although an equilateral triangle CAN be an isosceles triangle. And Angles of an isosceles triangle are not known (given) - simply two equal sides.Three, like every other triangle.

What does isosceles mean in math?

This term is usually used with triangles, and in this case, it means that at least 2 sides are equal in length.Note that this could be 2 sides or 3 sides (called an equilateral triangle, and is still an isosceles triangle).

What does the word equilateral triangle mean in math?

Equilateral Means When All Of The Side Are Equal !

What is an isosceles triangle in fifth grade math?

well, scalene is all different, equilateral is all the same, so.... isosceles if where 2 sides are the same length but the third side is a different length Hope this helps. p.s. I'm in 7th grade i should know (i take the algebra class! i am a smarticle.)

What are all the sides called in math?

scalene, isosceles, equalateral

Are there any math words that start with an i?

Integer, isosceles triangle, inverse operation...

What does isosceles mean in a math term?

it means two sides are equal and the other is not

What does equilateral mean in math terms?

It means that all sides of the shape are equal.

Math words that starts with E?

equal equation equilateral triangle estimate ellipseexponet

What is constructionin a math problem?

Most often, a construction in math is when you are asked to construct a geometric object, such as an equilateral triangle, using tools such as a compass and a ruler.

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