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It means a score equivalent to or higher than the top 88% of people who took it. In this case, that would mean your score was higher than that of 79-80 other people.

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Q: What is the 88th percentile mean out of 90 people taking a test?
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What does 33 percentile mean?

it means that 33% of the people did not score that.

What does 5th-95th percentile mean?

It is the vast majority of people say 100 people took a test 5th-95th percentile would be the middle 90 people

What does the 85th percentile mean for the GRE?

It means that 85% of people are under it

What does 69th percentile mean?

It means that 69 people out of 100 weight less then you.

What does a IQ score of 140 mean?

It means you are in the 98th percentile of all people. You qualify for Mensa.

What does an IQ of 135 or 136 mean?

means that your in the top one percentile of people, which is relativeley smart =)

What does it mean when children are performing above the seventieth percentile?

"Performing above the seventieth percentile" means to perform better than seventy percent of all people who took that particular test.

Is the mean 50 percentile of any normal distribution?

Yes, the mean (and median and mode) is the 50th percentile of any normal distribution.

What does zero percentile mean?

It is the minimum value.

What does the 35th percentile mean?

35% of values lie below the 35th percentile. The median (middle value) is the 50th percentile, 50% lie below it and 50% above.

What does 99.6 percentile mean?

A 99.6 percentile means that 99.6% of the data in the sample is at or below the data point given.

What does a percentile of 70 mean?

The 70th percentile is the score below which 70 percent of the cases fall. If your 70th percentile is 56, 70 percent of students scored below 56.