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Q: What is the correct name for the polygon below?
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What is the correct names and shapes for each type of polygon?

This is hard to answer considering we can't see the polygon below...What is the correct letter name for belowB. Octagon

What is the correct name for 12 sided polygon?

The correct name for a 12 sided polygon is a dodecagon

How do you spell polygon?

It is already the correct spelling (polygon).

What is the name of a thirty sided polygon?

The correct term for a thirteen sided polyong is refered as a tripolyrifodecagram

What is the name of a 20 sided polygon?

Icosagon ^^ you may be correct but im still pretty sure its lickadickagon!

What is the name of 16 sided polygons?

A polygon with 16 sides is called a hexadecagon or hexakaidecagon.See related link below..

The center of a regular polygon is the common center for the inscribed and circumscribed circles of the polygon?


What is the name of a polygon that has?

inite polygon

What is the name of a 7sided polygon?

the name of a 7sided polygon is hexagon.

What is another name for rectangle?

Actually, there are several names for a rectangle that are correct. A rectangle is a polygon, a quadrilateral, and even, sometimes, a square.

What is the correct geometrical name for a regular polygon whose interior and exterior angles are in the ratio of 1 to 2?

It is an equilateral triangle

What polygon has all sides and angles congruent?

paralleogram. is not the correct answer. The correct answer is a square. the "square" guess is very close but not quite correct. sure it has congruent sides and angles but the absolute undeniable answer is regular polygon. square is correct but i would go with regular polygon