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Q: What is the derivation of Navier-Stokes equation in cylindrical coordinates?
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Derivation of navier-stokes equation for a cylindrical coordinates for a compressible laminar flow?

it is easy you can see any textbook........

What is the derivation of Navier-Stokes equation in cylindrical coordinates for incompressible flow? Please go to this page.

Derivation of pedal curve in cartesian coordinates?

derivation of pedal equation

Derivation of gibbs-duhem-margules equation using gibbs-duhem equation?

Gibbs-duhem-margules equation and its derivation

What is the derivation of Richardson's Equation of Thermionic Emission?

Rechardsons equation

What is the difference between integration and derivation?

Integration results in an equation which gives the area under the original equation between the bounds. Derivation results in an equation which gives the slope of the original line at any point.

Derivation of polytropic equation of state?

See wikipedia article on polytropic processes.

Derivation of continuity equation in cartesian coordinates?

There are basically SEVERAL continuity equations, one for each conserved quantity. The equations themselves are simply statements that matter (in the example of conservation of mass) will not appear out of nothing, or suddenly teleport to a far-away place.

An equation whose variables are polar coordinates is called a(n) equation?


What is a quadratic equation when graphed?

The graph (on Cartesian coordinates) of a quadratic equation is a parabola.

Helmholtz equation rectangular coordinates?

in helmholtz vector equation why F=-∆ф+∆xA?

How do you find the equation of a line with two coordinates?

Assume the equation is y = kx + c Put in the x and y values of your known coordinates and sove the simultaneous equations.