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Q: What is the diameter of 500 mcm cable?
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What is the amp rating of 500mcm?

The amp rating of a 500 MCM (thousand circular mil) cable can vary depending on the insulation type and installation conditions. Generally, a rough estimate for a 500 MCM cable with THHN insulation in a typical installation would be around 380-400 amps. However, it is recommended to consult the manufacturer's specifications or a qualified electrician to determine the exact ampacity for a specific application.

What gauge is 500 amp cable?

A 750 MCM copper conductor with an insulation factor of 90 degrees C is rated at 500 amps.

How can we calculate cable size for 800A breaker?

Wire sizing is based on the load that the conductors carry. The breaker is then sized to protect the wire. To get to an amperage the wires are going to have to be paralleled. The calculations are already sized in the electrical code books, CEC and NEC. These are code books used by North America electricians. A 500 MCM conductor with an insulation factor of 90 degrees C is rated at 430 amps. Four 500 MCM conductors paralleled will give you an ampacity of 1720 amps. The breaker will need to have a 500 MCM 4 barrel lug to receive the conductors. The same thing with the load end, it will also need a four barrel 500 MCM lug.

How much current does 300 sq mm cable carry?

A 228 sq mm conductor equates to 450 MCM. A conductor of 450 MCM is not a standard AWG wire size. A standard 400 MCM will carry 380 amps. A standard 500 MCM will carry 430 amps. Difference between 400 and 500 MCM amperage's is 50 amps. Transposing between the two amperage's of 50 amps will be 380 + 25 = 405 or 430 - 25 = 405 amps. This is a very rough calculated answer for the question.

What do MCM stand for in older electrical books?

MCM stands for 1000's circular mils. Broken down MCM means 1000's (M) of (C)ircular (M)ils. A Circular Mil means the area of a circle 1/1000 inch in diameter. 1000 MCM conductors are 1 inch in diameter.

How big around is copper wire mcm 750?

The diameter of an insulated 750 MCM copper wire is 1.25 inches. The insulated 750 MCM copper wiring has 61 strands and has a weight of 2.7 pounds per foot.

For a parallel feed to a 1200 Amp service 3 phase what size is the grounding electrode to main service with 3 600 mcm parallel runs?

500 mcm

How do you convert MCM into Sq-mm?

1 MCM means 1000 circular mils, and a circular mil is the area of a circle with diameter 1 mil ( that is 1/1000 of one inch). In metric terms, 1 MCM = 0.5067 sq mm

How do you find the diameter of a cable?


What size conduit for 3 500 mcm wires?

The required size of a conduit raceway for a 3-5000 mcm wire is 300 kcmil. It maximizes the limits on the wire fill for raceways.

What is the number for mcmd?

m = 1000 c = 100 d = 500 MCMD doesn't make sense MCM = 1900 MD = 1500 CM = 900 so it would be MCM + D = 1900 + 500 = 2400, but that would be written MMCD

What is the weight of 500 mcm thhn wire per foot?

2.2 lbs per ft