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The main difference is that the vertical scale for a frequency graph is in units (or numbers) whereas in a percentage graph, it is in percentages,

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Q: What is the difference frequency graph versus percentage graph?
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What is the difference between simple frequency distribution and grouped frequency distribution?

frequency is the kinds of the line graph, bar graph, picture graph, pie graph. that's all

What the difference between histogram and a bar graph?

A bar graph cannot have classes with different width. The height of a bar graph represents the frequency attributed to that class whereas in a histogram the area of a "bar" is proportional to the frequency, the height represents the frequency density.

How does a graph showing speed differ from a graph showing acceleration?

Speed can be shown on a graph of position versus time, and acceleration can be shown on a graph of speed versus time.

What is difference between frequency polygon and line graph?

The difference between frequency polygon and line graphs is their purpose. Frequency polygons are for understanding shapes distributions, while line graphs shows information that is related in some way.

How is frequency determined in a graph?

The answer depends on what the graph displays.

What quantity is represented by the slope in a velocity-versus-time graph?

The slope of a velocity-versus-time graph represents the acceleration of the object.

What is the difference between a cummulative frequency graph and a cumulative frequency polygon?

A cumulative frequency polygon has straight lines connecting the points. A normal cumulative frequency diagram uses a smooth curve to join the points.

Can you plot the same things from a frequency graph on a line graph?

yes you can plot same things from a frequency graph on a line graph because it is the same thing :) peace

Is an ogive a graph of cumulative frequency distribution?

yes. An ogive is also known as a cumulative frequency graph.

Is a frequency table a graph?


What does cumulative frequency graph measure?

a cumulative frequency graph mearsure the cumulative frequency on the y-axis and the class boundaries on the x-axis

What kind of graph is used for percentage?

A pie graph is used for percentage.

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