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(x + 3)(3x^2 - 4x + 6)

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Q: What is the factor of 3x3 5x2 - 6x 18?
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What are the factors of 3x3 plus 5x2-6x-10?

(3x + 5)(x2 - 2)

The polynomial x - 2 is a factor of the polynomial Fx equals 5x2 - 6x plus 4?


How do you factor x36 plus 324?

(x^18 - 6x^9 + 18)(x^18 + 6x^9 + 18)

Find the sum of the polynomials4x3 2x2 - x 2 2x4 - 3x3 5x2 6x 3?

The idea is to add like terms together - in this case, the terms that have the variable "x" raised to the same power.

How do you solve equations x3 plus 5x2 equals 6x?

your equation is this... x3 + 5x2 = 6x get all the terms on the left side x3 + 5x2 - 6x = 0 now factor out an "x" x(x2 + 5x - 6) = 0 now factor the equation inside x(x + 6)(x - 1) from this you can find your x-values x= 0, -6, and 1 now that you have your x-values your equation is solved. just use algebra to get all of the terms on the one side. then factor out anything that is common in all of the terms. then factor the polynomial. then find what values for "x" that satisfy the equation.

Is 5x2-6x-2 factorable?

There is no rational solution.

How do you factor 3x3 plus 6x-18x?

As written, that's 3x^3 - 12x which factors to 3x(x - 2)(x + 2)

What is the product of 3x3 and 2y2?


What is each factor as a polynomial in descending order 5x2 - 16x plus 12?

5x2 - 16x + 12 = 5x2 - 10x - 6x +12 = 5x(x - 2) - 6(x - 2) = (x - 2)(5x - 6) Whether or not these are in descending order depends on the value of x.

What is x2 plus 3x plus 7 equals 6x plus 18?

xx+3x+7=6x+18 xx+3x+7-(6x+18)=6x+18-(6x+18) xx-3x-11=0 Factors of -11: 1,-11 -1,11 Doesn't factor evenly, use quadratic

What is the factor of 6x - 17x 18?

I'm not sure this was notated correctly. As written, this is -11x plus or minus 18, which doesn't factor.

How do you factor x³ plus 5x² plus 6x?

(x3+5x2+6x)/x to get x(x2+5x+6) find numbers that multiply to 6 and add to five (2 and 3) your factors are x, x+2, and x+3