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In order to add a fraction to a variable the fraction must be converted to decimal as computers cannot understand fractions, thats why they have floating points. On the other hand you could produce an answer in decimal and then convert it into a fraction afterwards but it would be overly complicated for a program to do this. I suggest if you are seriously into this somewhat eccentric behaviour you should try the program Mathematica from Wolfram research which is very expensive.

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Q: What is the formula for adding fractions with variable?
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How is adding fractions like adding whole numbers?

adding fractions is like adding a WHOLE lot of parts of numbers

How are adding fractions different?

When adding or subtracting fractions their denominators must be the same

What are the rules for adding fractions?

Ensure that the denominators are the same when adding or subtracting fractions.

Butterfly Method?

Used for adding dissimilar fractions

What is the definition of adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators?

What is the definition of Adding and Subtracting Like Fractions

What are two equivalent fractions for 20 and 32?

adding fractions

How is adding mixed numbers the same as adding fractions?

Mixed numbers can be converted to improper fractions. Then, it is exactly the same as adding proper ones.

When adding or subtracting fractions what should you do first?

For adding or substracting fractions first of all we should calculate the LCM( Lowest Common Multiplier) of the denominators in both of the fractions.

Before adding or subtracting two fractions they are converted into like fractions Explain with examples why this is necessary?

Before adding or subtracting two fractions they are converted into like fractions. Explain with examples why this is necessary.

Do you change fractions 2 like fractions when adding them?

Yes, you must.

What types of problems can be solved using the the LCM?

Anything having to do with adding or subtracting unlike fractions.

How is adding like fractions and adding unlike fractions the same?

If the denominators are not the same, then you have to use equivalent fractions which do have a common denominator . To do this, you need to find the least common multiple (LCM) of the two denominators. To add fractions with unlike denominators, rename the fractions with a common denominator. Then add and simplify.

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