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Q: What is the property that allows you to add the same thing to each side of the equation?
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What does the division property of equality allow you to do?

you can just use multilecation to do division The division POE (property of equality) Allows you to divide each side of an equation by the same number. If I were solving for x in this equation, I would use the division POE -2x = 4 /-2 /-2 x = -2

How is distributive property used when solving an equation?

When applying distributive property to solve an equation, you multiply each term by term. For instance: a(b + c) = ab + ac

What property of equality would be used to solve the equation -3x equals 252?

The multiplicative property of equality. Multiply each side by -1/3.

What property allows certain metals to attract to each other?

The property that metals use to attract is known as Electron which is inside the metal. Hope that helped

How you balance the ionic equation's?

The number of each type of atom on each side of the reaction equation must be the same. Take the equation and add numbers in front of each compound, multiplying the atoms in the compound by that number, like the distributive property in algebra. These numbers are added so that the numbers of each type of atom on both sides are equivalent.

Should the number that multiplies each side of the equation be nonzero when using multiplication property?

Yes, it should be non-zero; if you multiply both sides by zero you wipe out the equation.

What property of multiplication allows you to multiply a rate by a conversion factor without changing its value?

The identity property of multiplication because the conversion of units would equal the same thing. For example, 1 foot/ 12 inches are equal to each other so it would be like it is 1.

What property is illustrated by each pair of equations 12 times 2 divided by 6?

There is no equation, let alone a pair of them!

What is addition property of equality?

adding the same number to each side of an equation, while two sides remain equal

What is a property that allows certain metals to attract each other?

The property that allows certain metals to attract each other is called ferromagnetism. This occurs when the metal atoms have aligned magnetic moments that create a magnetic field, causing them to be attracted to each other. Materials like iron, nickel, and cobalt exhibit strong ferromagnetic properties.

A balanced chemical equation allows you to determine the?

A balanced chemical equation allows you to determine the ratio of reactants consumed and products produced in a chemical reaction. It also allows you to calculate the amounts of substances involved in the reaction based on the stoichiometry of the equation.

What controls the amount of space between each letter?

The space between letters is controlled by the tracking or letter-spacing property in typography. This property allows for adjusting the spacing between characters to increase or decrease the space between each letter in a text.