What is the root for variable?

Updated: 12/13/2022
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Q: What is the root for variable?
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Is the square root of a variable an irrational number?

That will depend on the value of the unknown variable

Words that contain root word vari?


When one factor affects another?

Dependent Variable - Note the root word DEPEND. So a dependent variable is when on variable depends on/affects the other.

A letter that takes a place of a number?

a variable

What is the root definition for invariably?

Variable, or if you're a purist - vary.

What is a root of a quadratic equation?

The Quadratic Eq;n , when plotted on gaph paper, will reveal a parabola. This patrabola can intersect the x-axis in two places, just touch the x-axis or miss it altogether. The roots of a quadratic eq;n are the point(s) were the parabola intersects the x-axis. If is intersects at two points, then there are two roots. If it just touches the x-axis, then there is one root only. If it does not touch the x-axis, then the eq'n remains unresolved.

How do you find the square root of a variable squared plus sixteen?

factor it

What best describes a root of a polynomial?

A value of the variable when the polynomial has a value of 0. Equivalently, the value of the variable when the graph of the polynomial intersects the variable axis (usually the x-axis).

What is a value of the variable that makes an algebraic sentence true?

It is the solution or root of the equation.

What is a nonpermissable replacement in rational expressions?

Replacing the variable in the denominator by a root of the denominator.

What is the difference between a polynomial and radical expression?

A polynomial is an expression of various exponentials of a variable wich may or may nor have coefficients and constants. The coefficients may have a radical, square root, cube root etc, but not the variable. A radical expression is any expression involving square roots, cube roots, etc. These may have the variable inside the radical but do not have to have them. sq root (5) is a radical expression, so is sq root (x) 3x2 + 2x - 9 is a polynomial, so is x + sq root (5)

What is a root of a polynomial function?

A value of the variable that makes the polynomial equal to zero (apex)