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This is a popular topic, discussed in many places on the web. The attached link is one place that I like. If you want to look for others just Google for surface area square pyramid.

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Q: What is the surface area formula of a square pyramid?
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What is the formula of square pyramid?

The formula for a square pyramid is one square attached to four triangles which meet at a point.There are other formulae for the surface area or for the volume.

How do you find the surface area of an octagonal pyramid?

The formula to find the area of an octagonal pyramid is area of base plus area of sides.

Formula of surface area?

The formula for the surface area of a circle is pi times the square of the radius. The formula for the surface area of a triangle is base times height, divided by 2. The formula for the surface area of a square or rectangle is length times width.

What is the surface area of a triangular pyramid if each face has an area of 80 square cm?

If it is a 4 faced tetrahedron pyramid then its complete surface area is 4*80 =320 square centimetres

What is the difference between total surface area and lateral surface area?

total surface area is all of the area. ex. for a square pyramid it would be the area of the square on the bottom and the four triangle sides lateral surface area is all the surface area EXCEPT the base. ex. for a square pyramid it would be the area of the four sides of the pyramid. the bottom square is NOT included. for a triangular prism it would be the area of the three rectangle sides, NOT the two triangular sides

What is formula of a rectangle based pyramid?

The answer depends on the what characteristic of the pyramid you want the formula for: its surface area, its volume or something else.

How do you get the surface area of a square pyramid?

It is: base area+(4*triangle areas)

What is a total area of a pyramid that has a square base with sides 8 and a slant height of 5?

A pyramid with these measurements are technically impossible to construct. However if you follow the formula the surface area would be a negative amount.

What is the surface area of the right square pyramid in square meters?

It depends on the dimensions of the base and the height (slant or vertical) of the pyramid.

What is the formula to find the area of a pyramid?

first you find the area of the base and then you find the area one side of the pyramid an you time it with 3 if it is a triangular pyramid or 4 if it is a square pyramid

What is the formula to find the area of pyramid?

It has to do with the surface area formula: To find the total surface area of a pyramid, use this equation: Surface Area = B + 1/2 * P * s B = base area P = perimeter of the base s = slant height To find the volume of a Pyramid, substitute into this equation: V=1/3Bh B=base area h=height of pyramid

What is the formula for a tiangular pyramid?

The volume of a triangular pyramid can be found using the formula Volume=Base Area x height /3. Surface Area can be expressed as Surface Area =Base Area+0.5 x perimeter x side length.

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