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6.67*10-11 Nm2 Kg-2

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2013-04-29 08:23:12
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Q: What is the value of gravitational constant?
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What is the effect of friction on the value of gravitational acceleration?

Gravitational acceleration is a constant value for a celestial body, and doesn't depend on air resistance/friction. The value on Earth is constant anywhere on Earth, just like the value on Mars is constant anywhere on Mars. In practical,however, this is different. Air resistance lowers the value of gravitational acceleration.

When was gravitational constant found?

Although Newton included the gravitational constant in his law of universal gravitational constant, its value was not determined until some 70 odd years after his death, when Henry Cavendish measured it in 1798.

Who find the value of gravitational constant?

Gravitational constant was determined by lord Henry cavendish in 1798 using a torsion balance .....G=6.67 *10^-9

Who determined the value of the universal gravitational constant experimentally for the first time?


What is the value of gravitational constant G?


Value of universal gravitational constant?

6.673 * 10-11 m3kg-1s-2.

What the value of the universal constant?

There are several different universal constants: Avogadro's number, Gas constant, Gravitational constant. The question needs to be more specific.

What is the gravitational constant of Jupiter?

The Gravitational Constant on Jupiter is 6.578 * 10^-11.

Why did Einstein have to find a gravitational constant?

The gravitational constant was found by Newton, not Einstein.

Who measured the gravitational constant G?

Cavendish measured the gravitational constant "G".

Are gravitational constant and gravitational force the same thing?


Why is the gravitational constant on the moon smaller than it is on earth?

The gravitational constant is, well, constant. It's exactly the same on the moon as it is on the Earth, or on Mars, or at the center of the sun. The moon's gravitational pull is less because it has less mass, but the gravitational constant is the same.

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