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Q: What is the value of the expression 4a b 5?
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What is the rational expression of the quotient 4a plus b and 2a - 5b?

The expression is: (4a+b)/(2a-5b)

How do you factor the expression a2 4a 4-b2?

(a - b + 2)(a + b + 2)

If 4a plus b 12 then a?

The question contains neither an expression nor an equation (or inequality). There can, therefore be no sensible answer.

What does ab over b divided by 4a over 5b equal?

(ab/b) / (4a/5b) =(ab / b) * (5b / 4a) = (5ab2 / 4ab)= 5 / (4b)

How do you simplify 4a times 3b?

The answer to 4a times 3b equals 1.3. You have to find the value of A and B.

What is five divided by the sum of a and b?

You can write that as 5 / (a + b), or as a fraction, with the 5 on top, and a + b at the bottom. The actual value of this expression will depend on the values of "a" and "b".

4a plus 2 equals 3b-5?

The equation cannot be solved as there are two unknowns. However it can be simplified and the two unknowns (a and b) expressed in terms of the second unknown. 1) Expressing a in terms of b 4a + 2 = 3b - 5 4a = 3b -7 if desired this could be stated as a = (3b - 7)/4 2) Expressing b in terms of a 3b - 5 = 4a + 2 3b = 4a + 7 if desired this could be stated as b = (4a + 7)/3

A verbal expression for 5 a-b?

A verbal expression for 5 a-b is that it is 5 is multiplied by the difference between a and b.

If a=2 and b=3, what is the value of 4a^3b^2?

i d know

Find the area of a rectangle that has a base of 5 m and a height of 4a plus b m?

Area = base * height = 5*(4a + b) m2 = (20a + 5b) m2

What is the order pair for 4a - 5b equals 7 and 4a plus 5b equals 17?

Simultaneous Equations 4a - 5b = 7 4a + 5b = 17 Add the two , this will eliminate 'b' 8a = 24 Divide both sides by '8' a = 3 When a= 3 , substitute into eityher equation for 'b'. 4(3) + 5b = 17 12 + 5b = 17 5b = 17 - 12 = 5 5b = Divide both sides by '5'. Hence 'b = 1'.

How would you factor 4A² - B²?

4a² - b² = (2a + b)(2a - b)