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Mathematicians held about 2,500 jobs in 2004. Many people with mathematical backgrounds also worked in other occupations. For example, about 53,000 people held positions as post secondary mathematical science teachers in 2004.

Many mathematicians work for Federal or State governments. The US. Department of Defense is the primary Federal employer, accounting for about three-fourths of the mathematicians employed by the Federal Government. Many of the other mathematicians employed by the Federal Government work for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). In the private sector, major employers include scientific research and development services and management, scientific, and technical consulting services. Some mathematicians also work for software publishers, insurance companies, and in aerospace or pharmaceutical manufacturing.

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AnswerMath is also used in a number of other professions. Accountants and Engineers use a great deal of math. Most managers will use math to analyze their results or prepare projections and even a cashier has to count change.
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Q: What jobs do you use with math?
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