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A bar graph shows discreet data, but other types can also.

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Q: What kind of graph is use to show discrete data?
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What kind of graph is commonly used to show discrete data?

A pie chart :) or a bar graph.

What is commonly used to show discrete data?

Bar graph.

Can a bar graph be used to show discrete data?


What kind of data does a bar gragh show?

Bar graphs are used to graph frequencies or amounts of data in discrete groups. For example.... look at this bar graph below!

What graph is most commonly used to show discrete data?

A bar graph works well in this case

What graphs are used to show discrete data?

Almost any kind of graph can be used to show discrete data: You can use a line graph (most economic data), a bar graph (demographics), a pictogram, a pie chart, a scatter plot, radar. Although 3-d charts can also be used, they are very poor at conveying information because of the difficulty in interpreting depth.

What kind of graph is most useful when you want to show data that are parts of a whole?

circle graph

Say someone used a line graph to show info about the number of CDs she owned by different arists.Is a line graph a good choiceto show data.... Why or why not?

A line graph is not a good way to represent the data as the number of CDs is a continuous variable, but the artists are a discrete, categoric variable. A line graph should be used when both variables are continuous. A bar chart or bar graph should be used when one variable is continuous and one is discrete.

What is commonly used to show discreet data?

what is commonly used to show discrete data

Is a line graph used to show continuous data?

It can be, but not necessarily. If I had the heights (continuous variable) of a class of students I might use a histogram. Conversely, if I had the number of cars (discrete variable) driving by every minute, I would use a line graph. It all depends on which kind of graph conveys the information to your audience in the best way.

What is a definition of discrete data?

data that can be counted, that does not show a change over time

What is the different of straight line graph and broken line graph?

Straight line graphs show continuous data (like your distance from something over time). Ones that have skips in the line are representations of noncontinuous, or discrete data (like how many papers you have in a folder).

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