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A pie chart :)

or a bar graph.

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Q: What kind of graph is commonly used to show discrete data?
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Related questions

What graph is used to discrete data?

Any kind of graph can be used for discrete data.

What kind of graph is use to show discrete data?

A bar graph shows discreet data, but other types can also.

What kind of data does a bar gragh show?

Bar graphs are used to graph frequencies or amounts of data in discrete groups. For example.... look at this bar graph below!

What graphs are used to show discrete data?

Almost any kind of graph can be used to show discrete data: You can use a line graph (most economic data), a bar graph (demographics), a pictogram, a pie chart, a scatter plot, radar. Although 3-d charts can also be used, they are very poor at conveying information because of the difficulty in interpreting depth.

What graph is used for quantitative data?

Any kind of graph can be used for quantitative data.

What kind of graph is used to compare data that does not change continuously?

If the data does not change continuously, it is called discrete data, and is commonly compared by use of a bar chart.Technical note: please note the use of the word chart, graph is commonly misused in a mathematical sense like this. A graph, mathematically, is a series/group of nodes that represent information and are connected by lines/edges that represent a link to other information. Bar graphs, line graphs, histogram graphs, bubble graphs, area graphs etc, are all technically chartsnot graphs. For more info see the link below on graph theory.

What does data look like?

a data i like a graph it could be any kind of graph pie,bar,line graph

What kind of graph displays data in distinct categories?

A bar graph

What kind of graph compares data over time?

a line graph

What kind of data can be used to represent a bar graph?

It all depends on what kind of bar graph your're making, and also for what data your putting on it !

What kind of graph shows a comparison between different data?

bar graph, line graph

What kind of graph is pictographs?

A graph that has its data represented in little symbolic pictures.

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