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Q: What makes round holes in the ground about an 2 inches in diameter?
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What makes small holes about 3 inches in diameter and about two inches deep all over the yard?


What type of animal makes lots of holes in your yard that are about 2 to 3 inches in diameter in area next to woods where leaves were laying?

a gopher or a mole

Do spiders makes round holes in the ground?

maybe depends on which spider

What bug makes a small hole all over the ground?

Ground-dwelling insects like cicadas, mole crickets, or ground beetles are known to make small holes in the ground. These holes can be part of their burrowing activities or for laying eggs.

What is the diameter of a circle if circumference is 4 inches?

It would be exactly 4/Pi inches. This makes it approximately 1 1/4 inches.

How many diameter is 2 inches?

This question makes no sense. Therefore, you're ugly ;)

Where does a scorpion usually hide?

It hides under rocks but it makes burrows in the ground or hides in the holes of trees.

A wheel has a diameter of 21 inches. How far does it travel if it makes 30 complete revolutions?

I need help

What makes round holes in the ground?

people and if your lucky a very skilled animal (ground hog, squirrels, ext)

What would be the diameter of Jupiter if 1 inch represented 8000 miles?

The equatorial diameter of Jupiter is 22.418 earths. The equatorial diameter of earth is 12,756.2 miles. So the equatorial diameter of Jupiter is 22.418 X 12,756.2 miles. This makes the diameter of Jupiter about 285,968.4916 miles. Divide this by 8000 and you get about 35.75 inches.

What is the linear distance traveled when a 2.5 diameter wheel makes one revolution?

If the rim doesn't slip on the ground, then the distance for each revolution is (diameter x pi).2.5 x pi = 7.854 (rounded)

What animal makes a 1 inch hole in the ground?

well there are many if you think about it. rabbits, badgers, moles things like that. if you have ever seen loony tunes then you will see that bugs bunny come up from a round hole in the ground, and yes they do make the holes themselves, they dig them with their front paws. hope i helped!